Please, dear friend, I am much closer to you
right now than you might imagine.

Here you see me hanging on a cross. This is only an
image; my body here is made of plastic or metal or
wood. But in you I am alive!

Not far from you, my body is suffering in the
people who are lonely and empty because the world
cannot fill their hearts. Bring Me to them! I have
given you many gifts. Give them away in turn to
those in My Body who languish in loneliness and despair.

My head is crowned with thorns. I suffer in every
lonely heart and soul, in every tear filled eye, in
every person who looks for comfort and finds none.
I am abandoned on My cross of pain by my closest
friends. I suffer in the hearts of men, women, and
children who, without you, the Living Christ to show
them love, may never know Me in this life!

My friends, truly be a friend to Me!

I was living in a home empty of love, and you brought
my presence there. You opened the door of your home
that I might know love. I was hungry for real food,
and you gave me the bread of life. I was tired and
exhausted, and you counted as nothing your weariness
as you reached out to love me. I was little and crying,
and you took my hand. I was trembling and afraid and felt
abandoned by God, and you put your arms around my shoulder.

I was lost and you led me home.

I needed a friend and I found you.

Now I will be your friend forever and ever in Heaven.

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