Could a God of love create cancer cells, rattlesnakes, and earthquakes?

The answer to this question and the understanding of all reality is found in understanding God's love. As we enter the third millennium, no word is still more abused, misused, and misunderstood than "love," especially when it is applied to God. Christian teachers often project their personal understanding of love onto God or they relegate any apparent real world contradiction of God's love to the category of mystery. Understanding God's Love ends both the mystery and our personal misunderstanding of love by letting scripture define God's love. No doctrine is more central to Christianity than the nature of God. Understanding God's Love is must reading for the Christian sincerely seeking a biblical understanding of God and the world. Some of the many other biblical answers the reader will discover are:

Why is our image or understanding of God of critical importance?

What are the story of creation and the story of Adam and Eve telling us?

Why the God of the Old Testament often seems to contradict the God of the New Testament?

Is God omnipotent, omniscient, immutable or impassive?

What is God's judgement and justice?

Is God's love unconditional?

Did God require the sacrificial suffering and death of Jesus on the cross?

What is meant by Jesus' titles of king, lord, and judge?

Does prayer have to impress, beg or inform God to spur God into action?

How are today's clerical Sadducee and Pharisee distorting God's image?

What are some of today's Christian "high places" of misguided worship of God?

How are we to understand the end of the world, salvation, heaven, and hell?

Does the concept of Purgatory make any sense?

The author, Ronald Greib, a college educated professional and lifelong committed Christian, struggled with the proposition of a God of unconditional and total love, and the many apparent contradictions in scripture and contemporary Christian theology and practice. His twenty-year biblical search for answers reveals a God much more loving than most often proclaimed by Christians today. Understanding God's Love offers an unprecedented and comprehensive biblical image of God that answers all the questions of why we and the world are as we are, and what are humanity's ultimate goal and final destiny. From the story of creation to the end of the world, this ground-breaking work, with over 2000 biblical references, provides the biblical answers that an educated, scientific, and searching Western world seeks. God's love is revealed in scripture to be far beyond humanity's fondest dreams and deepest longing. Only a correct understanding and acceptance of God's love can free humanity from fear, confusion, and the striving for worldly or spiritual wealth.

Understanding God's Love

softcover, 6x9, 284 pages

includes end notes and index

ISBN-10: 0-9656403-0-2

ISBN-13: 978-0965640305


Original Copyright 1997

New Revised Updated Edition 2019

Christian Traditions Publishing Co.


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